Week 5

Continuing the ‘shun’ sound from week 4.

This week we are focusing on the ‘shun’ sound spelled with words ending in: ation, etion, ition, otion or ution.

Helpful Guidelines:

  • ation – the long a is always followed by tion.
  • ution words are usually longer than three syllables
  • otion, ution, etion – the base word usually contains the vowel, clearly pronounced.


Week 4

This week and next we are looking at the various spellings of the ‘shun’ sound.

The ‘shun’ sound can be spelled with: cian, tion, sion or ssion.

Helpful Guidelines:

The most common ending is tion.

When a word describes an occupation and the base word ends in ic, the ending is cian.

Nouns based on words that end in –ss– or –mit-always end in ssion

Base words that end in d, de, se – end in sion.


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Week 2 

To spell words with suffixes added which make a ‘shus’ sound: cious or tious.

Rule: If the base word ends in ce, than add the cious suffix.

For example: the base word space becomes spacious.

If tion can be added to the base word, then the tious suffix should be used.

For example: the base word content, becomes contentious, as the suffix tion can be added to become contention.

Watch out for: obnoxious and anxious.

Week 3

Spelling of words with suffixes added which make a ‘shul’ sound: cial or tial.

Personal Target Words

Rule: If the base word ends in a vowel (a,e, i,  o and u) then add the suffix cial.

For example: the base word face becomes facial.

If the base word ends in a consonant, then add the suffix tial.

For example: the base word part becomes partial.

There are a few exceptions (words that do not follow the rules), which you will just need to learn.

For example: initial, financial.

Don’t forget to also learn your personal target words!

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Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been exploring the Solar System.

After collecting information on the planets, such as temperature, size, number of moons, they created a scaled toilet paper solar system, which helped to show the vast distances between the sun and the other planets.


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The First Week


During the first few days of school Year 5 have had fun completing some team challenges.

Whilst 5B were particularly good at the Hula Hoop challenge, 5H showed that even with their eyes closed they were still able to make a square (ish) shape using rope.

However, The human knot proved tricky for everyone! Have you tried the human knot challenge? How did you do?


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Times Table Fun


Quick recall of times tables up to 12 x 12 is a key skill. However, improving or practising your times table skills does not have to be boring! Why not play some fun times table games?

The following links have various free interactive times table games for you to choose from and play:



Maths Zone 

Maths Games 

Times Tables Shoot ‘Em Up       
There is only one game at the final link, but it is worth a look.

Why not recommend the games you play and like?

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Spelling Monday 11th September


This week’s spelling will focus on the suffix – ous (meaning full of). 

There are 3 rules for adding this suffix.

1) If the root word doesn’t change, just add ‘ous’

– e.g danger —-> dangerous

2) If the word ends in ‘e’, drop the e and add ‘ous’

– e.g. fame —->  famous

3) If the word ends in ‘y’ change it to an ‘i’ and add ‘ous’

– e.g. vary —-> various

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Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to the BIS year 5 blog.

This blog will show off some of the fantastic things that the Year 5 students get up to during the year.

This year there are two classes:

5B with Mr Bourdillon and Miss Ljuba

5H with Mrs Howie and Miss Berisavljevic

Both classes will follow the same programme of learning. A curriculum letter will follow shortly.

We are excited about the year ahead and hope all students will have an amazing year, filled with memorable experiences, lots of learning and plenty of laughter.

Mrs Howie and Mr Bourdillon

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