Ancient Greek Pottery


In the last week of term, after learning about the different uses, shapes, and typical decorations of Ancient Greek pots,  students designed their own and subsequently reproduced them in clay. In addition, they also created tiles, which were decorated with their names written in the Ancient Greek alphabet.

First they used the Potter’s Wheel to make their vase.


Next they carefully added handles and decoration.


The following day they painted the vase.


Year 5 can’t wait until the New Year when, after being fired in a Kiln, their finished vases will return to school.

Watch this space for photographs of the finished vases!

Athens vs Sparta Debate


Year 5 have extended their Ancient Greek Week!

In the final week of term, we were learning more about the Ancient Greek cities of Athens and Sparta. As well as how to debate successfully, in preparation for the Ancient Greek city state debate.

Year 5 were split into Spartans and Athenians who prepared their speeches in defence of their city state.

The motion was that ‘Sparta was the best city state!’

After an interesting debate, the students voted, the proposers, Sparta the winning debating team. Well done Spartans!

However, a second vote determined that Athens was the city they thought would have been a better place to live in, during this period of history.

Ancient Greek Week – Wars


Over the last few days, Year 5 have been learning about some of the Ancient Greek wars and warriors.

First, they learned about The Battle of Marathon, 490 BC, against the Persians and made the connection to the marathon race today.

Image result for battle of marathon

Next, was The Battle of Thermopylae, 480 BC, again against the Persians and the role of the 300 Spartans and King Leonidas.

Related image

Finally, The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC, between Athens and Sparta was examined.

Image result for The Peloponnesian War

The students have really enjoyed re-enacting some of the Ancient Greek battle strategies.

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Ancient Greek Week


This week is Ancient Greek week in Year 5.

Over the last few days we have been learning about the Ancient and Modern Olympics. Yesterday, was the Athens versus Sparta BIS Olympics.

After some discussion the students decided to include the following events:

Running (sprint), long jump, chariot racing (adapted to a wheel barrow race) discus, relay, wrestling and javelin.

The students really got into the spirit of things and everyone had lots of fun!


In the end, Sparta won the Olympics, but there is still everything to play for as we still have the debate and the re-enactment to go.

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