The Science Festival


A robot which can determine your emotions, was just one of the cool things at today’s Science Festival at Sajam.

We explored, listened, watched, experimented, wondered and volunteered for a variety of science activities. The photographs below show just some of them.

Optical illusions! Stare at the picture below. What happens?

Afterwards, we watched a show by a stunt man and learned about the science behind the special effects in films.

Another awesome day in Year 5!

Related image


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Oreo Moon Phases


As part of their exploration of the Moon Phases, Year 5H rotated around 8 stations in the classroom. These ranged from a group simulation with a torch, moon and chair, to a video clip, reading a text and answering questions, and an ordering activity, to name just a few of the activities.

The next lesson they were challenged to apply their new knowledge to re-create the phases of the moon using Oreo’s. Next they had to order and label the phases correctly.

With a little guidance, they all succeeded! 🙂


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Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been exploring the Solar System.

After collecting information on the planets, such as temperature, size, number of moons, they created a scaled toilet paper solar system, which helped to show the vast distances between the sun and the other planets.


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